Weight Loss Realized Option 1

One time fee of $9.99

  • In this non-coaching option. You’ll receive a complete copy of our Weight Loss Realized Plan that will provide you with a foolproof way to hit your weight loss goals without coaching . . . just your own sheer determination. Weight loss is math, master the math, master your success.
  • Recommend you own a smartphone or tablet that is app compatible
  • Recommend you have a wearable step tracker . . . use your own, or buy one of ours!

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Weight Loss Realized Coaching Option 2

$35.00 a month
Team up with a professional that will guide you to success!

  • Includes Weight Loss Realized Plan in PDF format.
  • Includes initial interview via phone or in-person to familiarize you with our Weight Loss Realized System.
  • Includes Ongoing Smartphone Access to Your Nudge Coach . . . ask questions and seek guidance!
  • Includes Weekly monitoring of your progress with tips, podcasts and coaching.
  • Requires participant have a Smartphone or iPad
  • Requires a wearable band . . . use your own, or buy one of ours!
  • Optional 3 Physical Therapy Consultations per year for you or a friend.

Team up & succeed today!
Need a State of the Art Fitness Tracker?
We carry the only fitness tracker available on the planet that tracks body composition! Weight is NOT a true measure your health since water weight can be influenced by water and food intake. The Inbody Band lets you track and see the changes you’re making in your BMI (Body Mass Index), Lean Muscle Mass and Fat Mass . . . track what really matters!
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