Even though we are a SPECIALTY CLINIC we still accept most insurances at standard rates, which means you get EXPERT CARE from one of our SPECIALIST at a reduced rate.

If you call your insurance company and they cannot find us, DON’T PANIC!   Our NEW PATIENT LIASON is an insurance and benefits expert and is always able to find you a solution so you can receive expert care.  Just call us and we will do all the work for you.

EXPERT care is hard to find, don’t let insurance companies and their profits keep you from it.

Our staff will verify your insurance benefits for you, and get you pre-approved for therapy.  Just call us with your insurance card readily available, and when you come in we will tell you exactly what you can do to receive the expert care you deserve.

You’ll know exactly what is and isn’t covered before we charge you anything.  We will give you a plan to get your life back

With OneAccord you will have a plan to get your life back so you can:


Call now for a no risk, no obligation, peace of mind consult today!

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