Weight Loss & Fitness Results Guaranteed!

We combine your smartphone, almost any fitness wearable on the planet and a one of the kind coaching app to completely change the way you will look at your health with guaranteed results!

Smart Phone

“Instead of giving myself reasons why I can’t, I give myself reasons why I can.” ~Unknown Author


Our one of the kind app works with over 100+ wearable devices and fitness applications on your phone to make sure you stay on target and hit your goals!

Health and weight loss at the core, is simple math . . . but as my friend Brian Klemmer said

“If how to’s were enough, we would all be rich skinny and happy!”

So here is where what we are doing is different . . . we utilize the phone you take with you everyday, combine that with a almost any fitness tracking device on the planet and then use the power two fitness applications to make sure you know where you are daily when it comes to your fitness goals . . . .

Then we link it all together with a state of the art coaching application that connects you with our healthcare team to keep you motivated, on target and accountable!

The app will allow you to “easily” track your:

*Physical activity

*Water Intake

*Food Intake

*Sleep Patterns

*Heart Rate

ScoreThrough our unique platform you will generate an real-time, on-going NUDGE SCORE that will tell you how healthy you are living.  NUDGE will also be directly linked with our healthcare team so we will be able to give you personalized suggestions on how to hit your personal goals . . . but beyond that you’ll have direct access to us through the app with any questions, comments and concerns . . . and of course to share your victories!!

We partner with you on your journey so you don’t go it alone . . . never before has your goals been so attainable!

Getting started is EASY, download our cutting edge app on your smartphone for FREE by going to:


Then we will contact you to show you how the rest of your life will never be the same!

We promise we will do all we know to do to keep you motivated on hitting your goals so you can do what life is all about . . . FINISHING STRONG and enjoying your passions!

Inside of you is a person that has been eager to live life with a new-found freedom.

Let us help you start making the right choices to find that life.

treadmills-m300If you are currently experiencing pain and cannot be active, you may be able to have your initial sessions covered by your insurance plan! If you have arthritis and pain with weight-bearing or exercising, check out our cutting edge treadmill that will allow you to exercise without increased pressure on your joints!


Please contact us for a FREE consultation to determine if this could be the case for you, or you can ask your doctor for a prescription for physical therapy and then we’ll schedule you for an initial evaluation. Either way it is time for you to get on the path to a pain-free healthy life!


Schedule an appointment for a no cost consultation and to experience the AlterG® Anti-Gravity treadmill for FREE!