Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 9.01.38 AMDelynne Palmer

PT Technician, Laser Technician

I am a 53 year old Physical Therapy Technician. This career was not my first choice in careers. I was a nail technician and owner of my own nail salon “Nothing But Nails” for 14 years. I was forced out of my career due to an allergic reaction to the acrylic product that I used daily. I chose this career due to my health issues and the need to help people. Because of my maturity I am able to relate to the older patients needs and concerns. I want the patients to be relaxed and feel at home…therefore my humor, conversation sometimes makes them laugh and feel better about them self’s.

Describe the essence of what  you do in your role at OneAccort PT:

I am a servant….yes I serve the patients in the best possible way I can. I will hook them up to the tens unit and assist them with their exercises. I will always assist them to the best of my ability and with a smile and compassion.

What are some of your personal interests, outside of work.

I enjoy spending time with my family and dogs. We like to go four wheeling, camping, shooting and spending quality time with  the family as we BBQ. I Love working in my yard more then cleaning my house.

What are some of things you believe in? What is your favorite quote or words of wisdom?

I believe in family, supporting out TROOPS…Police Officers…Firefighters…Medical Profession…and giving your employer an honest 8 hours of work. The SERNITY prayer is one of my favorite prayers.

 What do you like most about working for One Accord PT?

The interaction with the patients!!!!….I love working with good positive people and this is what OneAccord is all about!!! : )

What do you most like most about caring for patients?

The interaction and the knowledge that they bring and the stories they tell.

Why did you choose to become a career in physical therapy?

I was forced to leave my original career as a nail technician due to an allergic reaction to the chemicals that I used on daily basics. I chose to become a Physical Therapy Technician because my daughter was in a serious ATV accident in which she sustained a pan fracture of the face and fractured her back. She was with me four about three months, due to that fact she needed help getting out of bed, showering and dressing her self!!!

What do you think patients like most about you?

I believe that the patients like my personality and sense of humor. A large percentage of our patients are older and like that I can relate to their medical issues.

What do you think patients like most about One Accord Physical Therapy?

I think the patients like the way the  Doctors, PTT’s and the Office Staff all work together. Everyone in the clinic makes the patients feel as if they are part of the family.