Dr. Sean O. Flannagan, PT, DPT, Cert. SMT, Cert. DN, MAACP (UK)

Founder, Owner & Director of Casa Grande, AZ Clinic

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Certified in Spinal Manipulation Therapy and Dry Needling

Member of Acupuncture Asociation of Chartered Physiotherapist (UK)


Dr. Sean earned his Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2001 and opened up his first clinic in 2004.  Dr. Sean earned his bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Arizona State University and graduated ASU with a 4.0 GPA , andwas Awarded “Outstanding Senior of the Year” in 1997.

After earning a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Arizona School of Health Sciences,  he helped grow and expand various clinics in the Phoenix Area, and entered into private practice in Casa Grande, AZ in 2004.  He is experienced in working with a vast spectrum of patients, ranging from professional athletes, to children and older adults.  He has a passion around seeing his patients, peers and families win, and has focused extensively  on manual physical therapy  since 2001, because he found that although traditional physical therapy was helpful, it didn’t go the extra mile to help patients achieve their maximum potential with recovery.  Dr. Sean believes every client encounter is a unique opportunity to learn from his patients and become better at serving others.

Dr. Flannagan is married to Lina Flannagan, the business manager of OneAccord, and together have two amazing young boys who, on special occasions, accompany their dad and help create a cheerful environment at the clinic.  They also have two boxers, Argus and Toby, whom love to play with the family and are great with the kids!

 Describe the essence of what you do in your role at One Accord PT?

I have multiple roles I play within our organization.   In regards to patient care, I like to think I am a facilitator of healing for patients.  My desire is to see them win and achieve the best possible outcome, so when treating patients I like to think I offer them hope, and a pathway to recovery.

I regards to the company as a whole, I have the opportunity to create a work environment that fosters growth, compassion and fun!  I love being an employer, and I enjoy developing, training and growing people.

 What are some of your personal interests, outside of work?

I love my family.  I married “up” and I know my wife makes me better everyday.  I have two amazing kids that I enjoy playing sports, video games and just hanging with.  We also have two boxers as part of the family.  For fun I enjoy golf, the outdoors, snowboarding, reading, and just learning.  My wife and I also have a relationship & communication training company, Solid Life International, that serves married couples, business owners and executives.

 What are some things you believe in?  What is your favorite quotes or words of wisdom?

I believe, that with God, all things are possible.  Without Him I would be lost.  We have a family first environment, I put my family first, I expect my employees to do the same.


“Build people, and they will build your company.”  Dr. Tom Anderson

“It’s all good.”       “And if you did know. . . “

“How is that working for you?”       “What does that look like to you?”

“120 years divided by eternity is Zero . . . you have zero time here, what have you done with your zero-time? Your life is but a vapor, play big.”

Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you. James 4:8

“I want to do something so big, it will fail without you Lord….” John Waller

 What do you like most about working for One Accord PT?

I love our employees.  I am honored by the team we’ve attracted, trained and developed.  They come everyday and give their all for our patients.  I am humbled by them everyday.  I love that I get to go to work and have fun with a great team of individuals!

 What do you like most about caring for patients?

That we are a source of hope, relief and results.  Since we take a hands-on, manual therapy approach that is unlike 95% of traditional physical therapy practices, we get results, so our patients actually get better.  Each patient is unique, and we get to experience that uniqueness every visit.  I learn just as much from them, as they do from me, sometimes more.

Why did you choose to become a physical therapist?

I was always fascinated by the body and loved sports.  This gave me a career that combined both the human body and movement!  Now, I’ve learned that physical therapy is the avenue through which I get to release my gift of laughter, fun and encouragement with a lot of people everyday.

 What do you think patients like MOST about you?

I get a lot of comments about my laugh.  Yes, I love to laugh, I believe laughter is medicine, and I’ve found it doesn’t come with negative side effects outside sore cheeks and abdominals at times.

 What do you think patients like MOST about One Accord PT?

That we are truly here to serve and that we really work as a team.  I’m humbled by the number of other business owners and patients who pull me aside to comment on our staff and how well they enjoy each of them and the healing environment we create as a team.