VanessaVanessa Fulmer

PT Technician, Personal Trainer, Laser Technician

I am a Southern California girl through and through, I absolutely love going to the beach no matter what time of year it is.  I use to go the beach every Sunday with two of my very close friends when we were fresh out of high school.  I moved here to Arizona a little over 3 years ago to be closer to my sister and brother in law, and also to finish school ( which I still have a wats to go :-/ ) I am a major animal lover, I have three dogs and if I could have more I would probably try and rescue all the strays, but my fiancé won’t let me plus we don’t really have a place big enough.  I meet my fiancé when I first moved out here and we started dating a year later, he brings out the best in me and is a close 2nd to my dad as one of the best men in my life.  Other then that I am pursuing a career as a Pediatrics Physical Therapist and I still have about 5 years before I am finished with school, but I am very excited. Children give a lot of happiness to adults, which I have learned about how true that is after my niece was born, and I want to be able to give back to our children on the best way I possibly can.

Describe the essence of what you do in your role at OAPT:

*I am a Physical Therapy Technician and what I do is provide assistance to the patients on their exercise, setting them up with heat or ice, and really what I love to do is just try to make it a fun environment when our patients come in, because who really likes to workout 🙂 but everyone loves to have fun!!!!

What are some of the Personal interests, outside of work?

* I love spending time with my family, I have a beautiful little niece that is just think is cutest little girl in the world to me and her parents (my sister and brother in law) are some of the most important people to me in my life.  I also have a passion for working out and hiking (I love being out doors when it is not too hot).  I have a couple children of my own that I absolutely adore spending time with and play time their names are Sadie ( a little black chihuahua) Daisy (my rescue, a chihuahua and pomeranian mix), and Duke (the baby he is my Great Dane).  Oh I should mention that I like hanging out with my fiancé (just incase he reads this I wouldn’t want him to feel left out) 🙂

What are somethings you believe in?  What is your favorite quote or words of wisdom?

* I believe in enjoying life and having fun, God is huge to me in my life I thank him for everyday I wake up in the morning!  My favorite quote is “People do not how much you know, until they know how much you care” – John C Maxwell-

What do you like most about caring for patients?

* I really like that I get the opportunity to meet some incredible people and hearing the stores they have to tell.

What did you choose to become a career in physical therapy?

* I was a personal trainer for three years out in California, and my first client ever was a 65 year old man who had over come cancer and a stroke.  I was blessed to have the opportunity to work with this man after he had already gone through physical therapy and I was just amazed at what they were able to do.  I had decided then that I wanted to pursue a career in Physical Therapy, however when I am done with school I would love to work with kids, and I have a huge vision on the type of clinic I would run some day 🙂

What do you think patients like most about you?

* I get a lot of complements on my voice, however I don’t think that is the main reason they like me 🙂  I would like to think that it is because I am a pretty down to earth caring type of individual and I put a lot of effort in seeing them succeed.

What do you think patients like most about OAPT?

* Well as a whole we have a clinic that is very careering and from the first initial meeting we want to make the patients better.  We also have a very comfortable family type of environment and I feel that the patients really appreciate it and feel that they have become part of a family 🙂