We Help People in their 30's, 40's and 50's to Get Active, to Get Off Medication and to Stay Out of the Surgeons Office!


We take a different approach to rehab -- we listen, we care, and we integrate your values and goals into a patient-centered manual therapy approach. GET ANSWERS, GET RESULTS and GET PEACE OF MIND.

We like to say . . . you have drugs, surgery or . . . US!

One Accord Physical Therapy in Phoenix, Casa Grande and Gilbert has been serving Arizona since 2004 and our unique approach to care is centered around partnering with patients in the recovery process.  We care, we listen, we empower, we support, and we serve.
One Accord Physical Therapy is one of Arizona’s only teaching and learning physical therapy clinics and many of our experts teach internationally due to our unique approach to rehab and recovery.  At One Accord, all of our physical therapists are dual-credentialed with advanced post-graduate training, certifications, residencies, or fellowships so patients can rest knowing they are getting the most up-to-date and effective care possible.
Our all natural, holistic care approach considers every aspect of each patient's health, relieves acute and chronic pain, and restores wellness and function without drugs or surgery. We take the time to listen to concerns, to answer questions, and to discuss treatment options, empowering our patients to take an active role in treatment decisions and recovery.
We like to say you can choose drugs, surgery, or One Accord Physical Therapy, where we specialize on getting you out of pain, off medication, and back to life so you can stay out of the surgeon’s office.
Get Active, Stay Active, and Live Pain-Free.
To receive individualized support toward living an active and pain-free life, call our office or request a free phone consult with one of our experts now.

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Words from our patients

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    "The entire staff at One Accord PT in Casa Grande is very kind, caring, and helpful. They all work to create a warm environment. The doctors really listen."

    Rebecca F.
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    "I can’t say enough good things about One Accord! Dr. Sean and his staff has been amazing during my recovery. Great experience, I will be recommending them to everyone!"

    Kelly M.
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    "I can't say enough good things about One Accord! I first went there about 7 years ago with tendonitis in my shoulder."

    Nancy H.
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    "Dr. Corey Brinton does a great job. His smile makes you feel better being there. He listen to you and make sure he can help you out. I am so glad he is my pt person."

    Rachel W.
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    "My husband and I both have gone to One Accord for several years for various issues and every single time Dr. Sean has alleviated our problems."

    Mary B.
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    "One Accord in Casa Grande is the best Physical Therapy Office in town. My Dr has sent me there several times and I was very satisfied with the outcome."

    Avra J.
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    "The One Accord staff are all amazing! From setting the appointment to the actual physical therapy, everyone does an awesome job."

    Matt E.
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