Fees & Insurance


Even though we are a SPECIALTY CLINIC we still work with most insurances at our standard rates, which means you get EXPERT CARE from one of our SPECIALIST at a reduced rate.

For those paying cash out-of-pocket, have high-deductible insurance plans, or if you are opting out of your HMO and have out of network benefits, we can save you money!

Being experts in whiplash and post-concussion rehabilitation we are sought out by many that have been in automobile accidents, and as such, if you have been in an accident we will work directly with your attorney through a lien arrangement.  IF YOU DO NOT HAVE an attorney, we will get you in contact with an attorney we know and trust so you are not taken advantage of.  

(Click here to see why many other clinics, where you see an average-traditional therapist or an assistant, charge $300-$500 plus every visit! At One Accord we do not believe in average, and we do not feel EXPERT CARE should be that expensive. We promise you we will NEVER overcharge you, you will ALWAYS see an expert, and we will NOT waste your time or your money!)


Self-Pay options

Self-pay patients receive significant discounts from our current average insurance charges and all or our self-pay and out-of-network patients receive concierge treatments:

*Concierge treatment sessions 

1-on-1 treatment with one of our EXPERTS without interruption, advanced/preferred scheduling, with basic therapeutic supplies, included.

We want you to be successful, we want you to make an informed decision, we want you to get the answers you need, and we want you to receive the care you deserve.

We do not desire costs to be a hindrance to your future or health, therefore, we have various payment plans and financing solutions to meet almost any budget for someone dedicated to achieving their health goals.

Know the differences and understand not all care is created equal and make sure you pick the SPECIALIST DESIGNED for YOU!   

Like we say . . . if you are in your 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s and want to stay active, to get off pain medications and live a pain-free life, you are our perfect patient!

We want to serve you because we get the best results with people just like you!

Here’s an article from Costhelper.com explaining the daily visit at some clinics can be over $500.00 a day! This is usually seen in a hospital run physical therapy departments, in a physician-owned physical therapy clinic, or in large corporate physical therapy companies where you are just another number and where you are seen by an assistant or a technician, not an EXPERT. 


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