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The trauma that occurs in a whiplash injury can lead to extensive injuries in your neck and spine, and unfortunately, 52-58% of whiplash injury patients still have pain and headaches 10 years after the accident. Additionally, the research is indicating what you do in your first 90 days after an injury will determine how well you recover. Our experts at One Accord Physical Therapy in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Casa Grande, and Gilbert, Arizona, have gone through extensive post-graduate training in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of whiplash injuries and headaches. We know what you need and will walk you through the recovery processes so you don’t have pain 10 years from now. To learn more about our specialized approach, call the office, book an appointment online, or sign-up for a phone consultation with one of our experts.

Whiplash & Headaches Q & A

What Causes Whiplash?

Whiplash is an injury that occurs when your neck is forced into a rapid back-and-forth movement. The force of a whiplash injury can damage the nerves and soft tissues in your neck, as well as your spine and spinal nerves.  

Although auto accidents are the most common cause of whiplash, the same injury can result from a sports accident, physical abuse, or other trauma.

When you suffer this type of debilitating injury, our specialists at One Accord Physical Therapy, can help you feel better faster, eliminate the pain, and get you active again.

What Symptoms Will I Develop After a Whiplash?

Following a whiplash, you may have immediate neck pain or a headache. However, symptoms may not appear for several days.

Your symptoms may include:

  • Neck pain
  • Neck stiffness
  • Myofascial injuries
  • Headache
  • Dizziness or vertigo
  • Abnormal sensations, such as burning, numbness or tingling
  • Shoulder pain
  • Back pain
  • Fatigue
  • Double vision
  • Arm pain or radiating pain into your hand


In some cases, patients experience cognitive and psychological symptoms, such as memory loss, difficulty concentrating, irritability, and depression, which all may be signs of a concussion, even if you did not hit your head.

At One Accord Physical Therapy, our experts understand whiplash injuries and are certified in post-concussion rehab. You’ll get better faster, you’ll save money and time, and you will reduce your risk of becoming a chronic pain patient when you get expert help when it’s most needed.  

What are the Different Types of Headaches?

A primary headache arises from problems with structures in your head. The underlying cause could be due to chemical activity in your brain, the nerves or blood vessels in your skull, or the muscles of your head and neck.

The most common primary headaches include cluster headaches, migraines, and tension headaches. While traditional physical therapy may not be able to treat primary headaches very well, our specialists have gone above and beyond and our unique approach can be very beneficial for primary headaches.

A secondary headache is one that’s caused by another underlying disease. Many possible conditions can lead to a secondary headache, from a sinus infection or a panic attack to a concussion or other serious brain condition.

The most common type of secondary headache treated by our specialists is a cervicogenic headache. Cervicogenic headache pain originates from the upper three cervical vertebrae in the neck and 50-80% of the time they are misdiagnosed as migraines or tension-type headaches.  

Our specialists know how to determine the difference and treat them effectively. Chances are your migraines are actually coming from your neck! WE CAN HELP!

What Should I Expect From Treatment?

At One Accord Physical Therapy, your treatment begins with a one-on-one consultation with a dual-credentialed expert who guides your recovery. From the moment you walk through the door, you become part of our family as your specialist helps you get back to an active, pain-free life.

You’ll have plenty of time to ask questions, so you can make an informed decision about your care going forward. You’ll learn what’s wrong, what’s causing your pain, and what it will take to feel better.

After determining the exact root of your problem, you and your specialist work together to define your goals and determine the best treatment for your whiplash related injuries or a headache.

These are a few examples of the specialized interventions that may be part of your treatment:

  • Patient education: so you know exactly what’s wrong, how long it is going to take to get better, and what you can do at home to help your recovery
  • Prescriptive exercises: designed for your specific presentation so your relief is long lasting
  • Soft tissue mobilization: to relieve muscle tension and treat adhesions caused by scar tissue, swelling, and spasms
  • Joint mobilization: to loosen restricted joints and increase range of motion
  • Spinal manipulation techniques: to restore joint motion, relax muscles, and relieve pain
  • Dry Needling: has been effective in treating soft-tissue injuries and aiding in the treatment of chronic pain conditions


Because your recovery is important, and consistency is key, we also do our best to make sure you see the same provider every visit. Your specialist partners with you in the recovery process so you don’t get lost in the medical system like so many other patients. We want you to recover from your pain and gain your life back WITHOUT drugs or surgery.

To schedule an appointment with one of our experts, call One Accord Physical Therapy now or use online booking.