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Why Every Athlete Should Get Regular Massages

It may seem self-indulgent to get regular massages, but they actually provide several therapeutic benefits, especially for athletes. Learn how massage can prevent injuries, improve your performance, and give you a mental edge all at the same time.

Aug 1st, 2019
What's Causing Your Pelvic Pain?

Pelvic pain can be debilitating, throwing a wrench in your plans for your day, your week, even the rest of your life. Learn the different causes of pelvic pain and the treatments that can restore you to good health.

Jul 29th, 2019
The Dangers of Tech Neck

Is “tech neck” making your workday a literal pain in the neck? Find out why the agony you’re experiencing is so common — and how specialized therapy could be the answer to getting rid of your neck pain.

Jun 14th, 2019
Living With Arthritis

Arthritis pain can be life-changing, but there are some things you can do to reduce your symptoms so you can get back to doing the things you love. Here are five simple ways to start feeling better.

May 13th, 2019
Why Post-Concussion Rehabilitation Is So Important

Concussions - even seemingly mild ones - can have serious repercussions for your health and for your life. Post-concussion rehab is an essential part of your recovery, providing you with the care you need to avoid permanent disability.

Mar 1st, 2019
The Benefits of Using Dry Needling to Treat Pain

Dry needling releases trigger points that can cause pain and interfere with range of motion. If you have chronic pain or stiffness, dry needling could provide significant relief. Here are three ways dry needling can benefit you.

Feb 11th, 2019
3 Interesting Facts You Should Know About Vertigo

Suffering from vertigo? These little-known facts about the debilitating condition can give you the information you need to make the right choices about treatment and recovery so you can get back to life.

Jan 14th, 2019
How Physical Therapy Can Help You Recover From a Concussion

The care you get in the days and weeks immediately after a concussion is extremely important for preventing long-term problems. Learn what's involved in post-concussion care and why it's so important to helping you stay healthy after an injury.

Dec 20th, 2018
Prevent Back Pain by Building Core Strength

Back pain relief is not found in the bottom of a pharmaceutical bottle, but rather in a stronger core. Find out why developing these muscles may be the key to relieving your pain.

Nov 29th, 2018
Physiotherapy for Spine Pain & Injuries

Spine is completely normal with 86% of people experiencing pain at least sometime in there lifetime. What you do when you have spine pain can determine if, and how often, it will come back. Be proactive, be engaged, and learn what you can do now.

Nov 28th, 2018