What to Expect During Your First Well Woman Exam (OCT 2020)

Do you put your feminine health on the back burner because of fear or dread? At One Accord Physical Therapy, we know that a well woman exam is an essential part of maintaining optimal health, but we also understand that the mere thought of a pelvic exam can cause anxiety. Help ease your fears by learning what to expect at your visit. 

Your first visit

A Woman’s Health Physical Therapist can diagnose and treat various conditions that may affect the pelvic region. Because of trauma, surgery, or tension, pelvic muscles can become damaged. Sadly, due to societal pressure and a lack of proper sexual education, some women may feel unnecessarily embarrassed about these conditions. Fortunately, nothing is off-limits or abnormal at One Accord Physical Therapy, so feel free to mention your most pressing concerns.

Your provider will obtain a thorough medical and sexual history to understand your unique needs and the reason for your appointment. They will also ask about potential symptoms, or anything you believe needs particular attention, such as:


Because spine misalignment can impact feminine and pelvic health, your provider will conduct testing to assess the strength and mobility of your pelvic floor, back, and hips. The pelvic floor examination is brief, but rest assured it is always optional. Your comfort and care is our main concern, and you are more than welcome to opt out. It is best to schedule your appointment before or after your period, or on your lightest days if you opt to receive an internal pelvic examination at our clinic.

Depending on your provider or situation, other assessments can involve conditions like: 

Treatment options

Once your Woman’s Health Physical Therapist understands the reason for your visit, has heard your concerns, and answered your questions satisfactorily, all available treatment options can be discussed and considered together. Depending on your unique needs and desires, your treatment options will vary. Your individualized treatment plan may include a variety of the following:

At One Accord Physical Therapy, we believe that feminine health plays an essential role in your emotional, physical, and sexual well-being. Don’t put off for tomorrow what can be done today and get your first well woman exam out of the way. For a free consultation or appointment, give One Accord Physical Therapy a call, or use our convenient online scheduling tool. 

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