Workers Compensation & Sports Injuries

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Sudden injuries can put you on the sidelines, but our experts at One Accord Physical Therapy can get you back in action. Our highly trained specialists in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Casa Grande, and Gilbert, Arizona, help you develop a plan to resolve injuries sustained while working or playing sports. You receive individualized treatment, along with specialized guidance on how to avoid future injuries. If you need help recovering from an injury, let our experts at One Accord Physical Therapy provide the personalized care you need. Call today or book an appointment online.

Workers Compensation & Sports Injuries

What Injuries Might Require Treatment?

Many people become injured while playing sports or exercising. Others might suffer serious injuries due to a car crash. Workplace injuries can also cause painful or debilitating symptoms. Whatever the cause of your injury, our highly trained experts at One Accord Physical Therapy can help.

Our methods are effective for treating both mild and severe injuries. Our experts undergo extensive postgraduate training so that they’re equipped to help you recover from any of the following injuries:

  • Sprains/strains
  • Fractures
  • Concussions
  • Torn ligaments
  • Ruptured tendons
  • Repetitive motion injuries

We have specialized programs designed to help you return your job or your favorite sport. Our expert care can even help improve your strength, flexibility, and endurance so you can return to your usual activities in better shape than ever!

How Can You Help Me Recover From An Injury?

Our method at One Accord Physical Therapy focuses on first repairing any underlying damage caused by the initial injury. The next step is rebuilding your strength and stamina so you can get back in shape as soon as possible.

Our plans are ideal for addressing workplace injuries and sports injuries, but they can also help you manage chronic pain caused by other incidents like an auto accident or lifting a heavy object.  

At One Accord Physical Therapy, you work with highly trained specialists who dedicate themselves to the process of understanding the exact causes of your past injuries and your current symptoms.

It's important to understand that the area where you're experiencing pain may not be the actual source of your injury — referred pain can cause you to experience pain in different parts of your body. Our specialists at One Accord Physical Therapy have extensive orthopedic training and can help you better understand what's happening with your body.

What Can I Expect During a Post-Injury Physical Therapy Session?

During your first visit to One Accord Physical Therapy, you have an in-depth consultation with a specialist. Your specialist asks you about your work duties and physical activity goals. Next, they give you a personalized treatment plan with a timeline for your recovery.

Our specialists at One Accord Physical Therapy use an evidence-based approach to decide which treatments will help you meet your recovery goals. Your specialist performs functional capacity exams to assess your physical condition and track your progress.

As you progress through treatment, the results of the exams can help your specialist make any necessary adjustments to your treatment plan. Your specialist uses these functional progress notes to determine when you're ready to safely return to your normal physical activities.

At One Accord Physical Therapy, you always work with one specialist for your full treatment. You can rely on your specialist to always provide one-on-one guidance throughout the recovery process.

If you need help recovering from an injury, One Accord Physical Therapy provides the expert care you need. Our specialists believe that you have a choice between drugs, surgery, or One Accord Physical Therapy for overcoming an injury. Call today or book an appointment online!