What Makes Us Unique?


We Help People in their 30's, 40's and 50's to Get Active, to Get Off Medication and to Stay Out of the Surgeons Office!


At One Accord Physical Therapy we take a different approach to rehab – we listen, we care, and we integrate your values and goals into a patient-centered manual therapy approach. GET ANSWERS, GET RESULTS and GET PEACE OF MIND. 

We like to say . . . you have drugs, surgery or . . . US!




  1. OAPT has only dual credentialed providers with advanced post-graduate training, certifications, residencies and fellowships.

What this means for you: You get EXPERT care every visit, and your care is SPECIALIZED to your specific need and case.

RESULT: You get better faster with a focused treatment approach.

2. One Accord Physical Therapy is one of Arizona’s only teaching and learning facilities that partners with A.T. Still University’s Orthopedic Physical Therapy Residency Program.

What this means for you: We utilize the most recent evidence-based approach for your care and our specialists are able to collaborate with experts throughout the state.

RESULT: Your treatment is matched to what the evidence says is most effective for your condition so you do not waste time and money on needless treatments.

3. Every visit is always one-on-one with the SAME provider:

What this means for you: You are heard, you get answers, and your specialist tracks your progress specifically.

RESULT: You have a plan to recovery that is guided by someone that partners with you and understands your entire story.

4. OAPT Bundles Their Expert Services:

 What this means for you: You get access to a specialist at a reduced rate without hidden costs and unexpected bills.

RESULT: You have peace of mind, you save money and your financial commitment is clear without surprises.

(Read hear about the unfortunate stories of other patients that didn’t have clarity about costs:  http://health.costhelper.com/physical-therapist.html)


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