Can You Benefit From Gait Training?

If you’ve never heard of gait training before, you’re not alone. Gait training can help rebuild strength and boost your range of motion.

Various injuries and conditions can cause difficulty walking, but gait training can get you back up and running. Find out more about this beneficial treatment and who can benefit from gait training from our team of gait training professionals at One Accord Physical Therapy

Can You benefit from Gait Training?

Your gait pertains to your stride or manner of walking. While your lower extremities move to propel you forward, numerous conditions and injuries can disrupt your gait during normal daily activities.

You may benefit from gait training if you’ve experienced one of multiple conditions or injuries, including: 

You may also experience gait difficulties due to age or other conditions at birth, including hip dysplasia.

To determine the cause of your gait problems, it helps to have a thorough examination from one of the licensed gait experts at One Accord Physical Therapy. That way, you’ll receive the best treatment to correct your issues with innovative therapies to help you move with ease. 

What to Expect at your Appointment

During your appointment, your Physical Therapist will conduct a physical examination and comprehensive medical history to determine if gait is the cause of your problems. This examination will consist of various tests to gauge your lower extremities' strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility.

If gait is causing your problems, our team will collaborate with you to develop a detailed gait training plan to guide your journey back to health. 

Gait training

Upon proper diagnosis, your gait training can begin. Depending on the circumstances, part of gait training can involve assistive devices if necessary, including the use of a cane, parallel bar, walker, custom shoes, or wheelchair if required. 

Your physical therapy treatment for gait may include strength and balance training to help your body relearn navigating through challenging environments, such as climbing stairs or standing on one leg. Expect to complete a wide range of exercises under gentle guidance from a fully-trained gait expert at One Accord Physical Therapy, such as weight training, stretches, or leg lifts.

In some cases, your physical therapist may manually manipulate your legs or will use machines to assist with muscle conditioning. Performing these types of endurance and strength exercises will build muscle memory, leading to reduced risk for falls and additional injuries. 

If you suspect gait problems are causing your mobility issues, One Accord Physical Therapy is here to assist. Our licensed team of Physical Therapists is prepared with years of experience and specialized postgraduate training to help rebuild your strength, flexibility, and endurance without invasive surgery or medication. If you’re ready to get started, call One Accord Physical Therapy or go here to book an appointment with our online scheduling tool today.

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