5 Treatments for Chronic Joint Pain

If you suffer from debilitating pain in your joints, you are not alone. Nearly 15 million Americans suffer from chronic joint pain. Conditions such as arthritis, tendinitis, or lupus can cause joint pain to develop and worsen over time. Joint pain from injuries can develop suddenly and may reoccur without treatment. 

Fortunately, new treatment approaches can help you get back to living your best life again. If you suffer from chronic joint pain, here are five promising treatments from the experts at One Accord Physical Therapy in Arizona. 

Aquatic therapy

It may seem contradictory for movement to treat joint pain, but it is often the best medicine for joint pain if you don’t overdo it. While maintaining joint structure and function, aquatic therapy can relieve the pain associated with arthritis or injury. During aquatic therapy sessions, increased resistance and decreased stress on your joints help relieve pain as you float and exercise weightlessly in water.

Dry needling

Often used for healing cosmetic issues such as cellulite, scars, and stretch marks, dry needling is an available treatment for your joint pain. Not to be confused with acupuncture, dry needling involves the use of tiny needles inserted through your skin without lubrication. This technique will trigger your body’s natural healing process and increase blood flow to the area to trigger healing without the use of habit-forming pain medication. 

Improved diet

Certain nutritious foods have properties that may help to ease the inflammation associated with conditions like arthritis. Meanwhile, a poor diet can increase inflammation and may cause weight gain. Excess weight can increase strain on your joints and may make it painful for you to move around. Creating a meal plan to help decrease inflammation and shed those excess pounds may be easier with the assistance of a medical professional and dietician. 

Joint mobilization

Repetitive motion can increase your risk of injury, particularly if proper form is not maintained. If you experience pain and stiffness as you move throughout your day, or if your range of motion is limited, joint mobilization is one way to improve your pain levels. Through small and guided motions, you will repeatedly move your limbs in different directions and through proper joint function to strengthen surrounding tissues.

Massage therapy

Massage therapy has many benefits, including relief of pain associated with chronic conditions such as arthritis. Various tools may be utilized to help decrease the inflammation associated with arthritis, including hot stones, oils, and techniques. Popular massage types for joint pain may involve lymphatic or Swedish massage. 

Joint pain can stop you from living your life to the fullest. If you suffer from joint pain, give the experts at One Accord Physical Therapy a chance to help. Schedule an appointment with our convenient online scheduling tool and get back to living today.

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