Try a Pain-free Run with AlterG

Try a Pain-free Run with AlterG

Are you struggling to regain your exercise routine after experiencing an injury? Unfortunately, pain after an injury can bring your existing exercise routine to a screeching halt. Worse? It can make any part of your daily routine difficult to achieve. With the AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill™, you can go on a run without the pain or risk of additional injury and regain your mobility. Learn how AlterG can help you get back on track at One Accord Physical Therapy, with offices in Casa Grande, Gilbert, and Phoenix, Arizona.

How AlterG works

AlterG is unlike any other treadmill on the market. The AlterG utilizes the force of air pressure to painlessly reduce your body weight and lift you up. That way, you can maintain your normal running speed without the pain of traditional methods. The comfort of running with a lower body weight gives you a low-impact way to go the distance with a full range of motion. 

AlterG for injury recovery

Rest is essential after an injury. However, it is vital that you listen to your Physical Therapist and doctor to give you the best chance for a full recovery. If your physician and Physical Therapist believe the movement will help you heal faster, AlterG provides you with the opportunity to move without wincing each time your feet land on the ground. 

How AlterG can help you

Not a runner? You’re not alone. Fortunately, you can take a stroll on AlterG as well. The weightlessness associated with AlterG’s innovative mechanics means that you can burn more calories with less stress on your joints, no matter your speed. From top athletes to geriatric patients, AlterG can help you maximize your performance and get the most from each of your workouts. 

Weight loss and heart health with AlterG

It is suggested to get moderate exercise for approximately 30 minutes. But, going to the gym when trying to lose weight can feel tedious and exhausting. If you’re struggling to drag yourself to the gym each day, give AlterG a shot. You can improve your mobility and heart health while working out in our office. 

Here at One Accord Physical Therapy, we have witnessed the benefits of AlterG and its impact on a speedier recovery for injury rehabilitation. Our staff work with you to create a customized treatment plan that works for your individual needs and situation. If you are looking to get back up and running without pain, give AlterG a try today. Give One Accord Physical Therapy a call, or use our online scheduling tool. 

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