Preventive Health Benefits of Massage

The experts at OneAccord Physical Therapy recognize the importance of preventive medicine in stopping health problems before they occur. Massage offers additional preventive benefits in addition to your preventive health visits. Discover the benefits of including massage as a regular part of your annual wellness plan. 

Massage 101

With varying degrees of pressure and different types of touch, massage providers use their hands or tools, such as hot stones, to massage the skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments throughout your body. Massages offered may depend on need and can include: 

While massage is a standard treatment for ailments such as cancer, heart disease, fibromyalgia, and acute injury, it is often used as a preventive measure for numerous health issues. 

Let yourself relax

Unmanaged stress can manifest itself as physical symptoms of illness, including a number of the following:

Because massage is so relaxing, it can help to alleviate some of your life’s stress to help these issues from developing. 

Better digestion

Digestion issues are not anyone’s idea of a good time. Fortunately, it is believed that massage can help curb these issues before they start. Experts aren’t sure exactly how massage works to halt digestion issues, but it is thought that tissue movement helps boost the body’s natural methods of healing and waste disposal through drainage of the lymphatic system. Massage might benefit you if you have experienced any of the following problematic symptoms: 

Stop migraines in their tracks

If you have experienced one or more migraines in your life, you already know how disruptive they can be. Migraines have no official cause but have many known triggers, such as: 

Most people suffer from migraines alone in a dark, quiet room and hope to sleep them off. Fortunately, massage can help alleviate migraine headaches before they begin by halting the symptoms of sinus pressure or stress to help you get sufficient rest. Many clinics can also help you keep track of your caffeine and food intake to pinpoint and prevent additional migraine triggers. 

At OneAccord Physical Therapy, we believe that preventive health is vital in maintaining your quality of life. As you schedule your annual wellness visits, consider adding massage to your list. If you would like to try a relaxing massage as part of your preventive health plan, schedule an appointment with our convenient online scheduling tool today.

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