7 Benefits of Massage Therapy

7 Benefits of Massage Therapy

When you hear the word “massage,” does your mind leap to a spa day with friends? While such happenings can be fun and rejuvenating, the benefits of massage therapy go far beyond casual R&R — especially when you receive massage therapy from a qualified expert. 

The highly-credentialed specialists at One Accord Physical Therapy provide numerous types of therapeutic massage to improve your health and well-being. Take a few minutes to learn more about these perks.

Massage basics

Massages involve rubbing, pressing, and manipulating your muscles, skin, tendons, and ligaments. Depending on the type, your goals, and your needs, yours may include anything from light touch to deep pressure. 

Types of massage we provide at One Accord Physical Therapy include:

7 benefits of massage therapy

Unlike a simple back or shoulder rub, massage therapy can play a valuable role in your health when you’re dealing with a chronic condition or injury. 

Therapeutic massage manipulates your soft tissues, bringing:

  1. Boosted immune function
  2. Decreased inflammation
  3. Enhanced healing
  4. Improved flexibility and motion
  5. Increased circulation
  6. Reduced pain
  7. Relieved muscle tension

These benefits may stem from improved circulation. As your tissues are manipulated, the pressure created helps move blood through tight or constrained areas. And as that same pressure releases, new blood can more easily flow in. 

And because poor circulation is linked with inflammation, better blood flow can lead to less tension and pain and better healing.

For all of these reasons, the benefits of massage therapy may extend into management of various diseases. While more research is needed, therapeutic massage may help you manage anxiety, digestive disorders, chronic back pain, headaches, fibromyalgia, and more.

Massage therapy can also help lift your spirits, especially if you end up feeling greater physical ease. The stress relief alone may even help lower your risk for health issues in the future.

Good candidates for massage therapy

Most anyone can benefit from some type of therapeutic massage, although choosing appropriate timing is important. If you have a new burn, infection, fracture, or wound, for example, you may need to wait for sufficient recovery. 

Massage may not be suitable for you if you have a bleeding disorder, severe osteoporosis, or take a blood-thinning medication. If you have any medical condition, make sure you seek approval from your doctor before booking a session. 

To learn more about massage therapy or get the care you need, give us a call or go online to schedule your free discovery consultation today. 

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