Coronavirus Statement


At OneAccord, we value our patients and our employees and want to communicate our commitment to their safety and well-being. As an organization, we continued to follow all CDC the updated recommended precautions to aide in preventing any exposure to COVID-19 or other flu viruses to our staff or patients.

Fortunately for everyone, our patients come to us because they are in PAIN and not because they are sick, which makes OneAccord a safer environment than hospitals, doctors’ offices, and grocery stores.

As part of our standard operating procedures at OneAccord:

We have a Health Action Plan and we ask all patients or employees that are sick to stay home and not come into the clinic, in addition we are screening every patient on a daily basis. If you have a temperature over 97.5, you will be asked to go reschedule your appointment. Our advice for our patients is to stay away from sick people if you can.

We have ramped up our Hygiene Action Plan and are diligent with our cleaning and sanitation routines to maximize the safety of everyone. Our advice to patients is, make sure you are washing your hands for at least 20 seconds because the virus is surrounded by a layer of fat, and breaks down with soap, detergents and alcohol-based solutions. Also, avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. The virus doesn’t go through your skin, it needs a way to get into your system, so washing hands and avoid touching your face is a the #1 action you can do to prevent infection.

We have an Overseas Action Plan and all patients that have traveled overseas are asked to stay home and only come in after they have been back for over two weeks and have had no symptoms. So my advice to you is to restrict being around people that have traveled overseas in the last two weeks.

Finally we have an in-clinic Social Distancing Plan and currently only allow for one-on-one visit, 1 hour visits between patients and therapists, with each therapist being assigned to their own treatment area. Our suggestions to you, is that you avoid going out for social activities at this time and limit your exposure to others. We all have a part to play.

Additionally, our executive team is meeting daily to update us with any emerging best practices to keep our patients and employees safe.

We will continue to follow all CDC prevention recommendations and provide updates to our patients as new information arises.

We are confident, and you should be, too, that at OneAccord we are following the best practices for the prevention of exposure or spread of the flu or COVID-19.

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